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  The thermomechanical behavior of steel-concrete structures under fire environment.   The analysis framework consisted of three sequential modeling parts: fire simulation (FDS), heat transfer analysis, and a thermomechanical stress analysis (ABAQUS).

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 Finite Element Analysis

  Paper Corugated Box
  The failure loads and the mechanical behavior of the corrugated fiberboards/boxes predictions are included in this interest. Tsai-Wu anisotropic failure criterion is used to evaluate the failures.

  Heart Valve
  Finite Element Analysis for the mechanical behavior of artificial polymeric tri-leaflet aortic valves and a Mitral solutions annuloplasty ring using the commercial FEA tool.

  Structural modeling
  Numerical analysis of the infrastructures such as bridges and buildings are interested in. The structures can be modeled by 3D solid and full nonlinearity can be considered.